We can package services to suit your budget and needs.

we can do MORE with your business 

  • Financial Report Analysis and commentary on performance, trends and business health
  • Cost Analysis, knowing what your true costs are and how to better control them to your advantage
  • Budgeting formulation, designing a budget strategy that matches your business needs
  • Forecasting your costs and sales
  • Benchmarking and Ratio Analysis, review and compare your business performance measures against industry and competitors
  • Design better Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business that is meaningful
  • Scenario Analysis, compare scenarios to make a better decisions  
  • Business Health Analysis, a snapshot of your business health and not just numbers 
  • SWOT Analysis, Strengths Weaknesses Opportunity and Threats Analysis of your business and environment
  • Internal Control reviews, ensure your business can minimise fraud opportunities
  • Internal Policies and Procedures preparation and reviews, do you have the right polices and procedures your business needs
  • We can provide virtual CFO or virtual Financial Accountant service  

“our holistic approach is aimed at integrating your accounting  to formulate a strategic outcome that offers better internal value,better product/service value to your customers, and a better competitive business!

With the increasing changes in business environments, traditional accounting methods are slow to identify threats and opportunities and mainly focuses on the past. SA&C's holistic approach offers a modern accounting service focused on the current and future performance of your business.

We see the bigger picture! 

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business advisory 


do more with your business 

strategic accounting

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